Web2Touch 2021

Semantic technologies for smart information sharing and web collaboration

Conference Track @ 30th IEEE WETICE Conference

23-25 June 2021, Basque Coast - Bayonne, France

New Extended deadline: April 15th, 2021

Welcome to the 2021 edition of Web2Touch Track!

Web2Touch (W2T), since its early days, is committed to bringing solutions for collaborative work using the Web. New advances in Web-based systems are the driver for changes in cooperative activities occurring in smart environments, cities, communities, or urban and rural areas, where human tasks are more and more performed via the Internet and the Web. Both Web practitioners and ordinary users are exploiting in rapidly-varying ways the richness of Web platforms to support a multitude of activities, from daily operations to strategic decision making. Based on these considerations, the W2T track considers knowledge sharing based on software engineering, on artificial intelligence, and on knowledge engineering (e.g. ontologies, taxonomies, etc.). The focus of the track is on information creation, maintenance, disambiguation, interlinking, veracity and security. Reasoning and deep learning techniques are considered, since these lead to better decisions or awareness of reality and its events. W2T deepens the concept of working together by exploring decision assistance, collective intelligence, smart environments, intentions-based analysis, and other collaborative web-based ways of problem solving. In the urban scenario, for example, Internet of Things (IoT) systems capture massive data collections describing the overall urban environment as well citizen exploitation and perception of available services. In health care systems, electronic health records allow storing a variety of information about patients as adopted treatments and monitored physiological conditions, while the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) ensures the availability and processing of healthcare data through smart medical devices and the web. Moreover, in most domains, cooperation plays a crucial role in generating data, specifying knowledge, driving a user and context aware analysis process, and finally demanding an easily accessible and understandable knowledge at the end of the process.

W2T aims at exploring the state-of-the-art on these topics and users’ practical experiences, as well as trends and research, paving the way for cutting-edge collaborative approaches to knowledge engineering and sharing.

Web2Touch Track - an open forum

The goal of the W2T Track is to provide a venue for researchers and practitioners within the field of Web collaboration, semantic web, and related areas, to share experiences, discuss challenges, and socialize opportunities. Web2Touch 2021 will provide an opportunity to learn how researchers and practitioners handle dynamic Web information, and to discuss the applicability and limitations of current and emerging approaches to Web-based knowledge sharing in different domains.
Web2Touch is an open forum for studies in multiple application domains including, for example, Web science, eHealth, eGov, eLearning, smart cooperative fruition of evolvable contents in smart cities, digital agriculture, and collaborative systems in general.